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Removing extensions from Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3

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Oracle JDeveloper uses a plug-in API to integrate additional functionality into the IDE (Integrated Development Environment). In JDeveloper 10.1.3 these extensions are stored under the directory <JDev_Home>/jdev/extensions. Sometimes it could be necessary to remove extensions from JDeveloper. Because there is no deinstall function in JDeveloper for these extensions you should know the manual steps:

  1. First it is a good idea to get an overview which extensions are being used. You find that out
    • by calling the menu option Help => About (tab Extensions)
    • by calling the menu option Tools => Preferences => Extensions
      Unchecking an extension only prevent if from being loaded but does not remove it from the disk.
  2. To remove the unwanted extension you have to delete the associated jar-file and sometimes an associated directory under <JDev_Home>/jdev/extensions. But that’s only half the way. Each time JDeveloper is started it reinstalls the extensions from <JDev_Home>/jdev/tmp/update. So you have to delete the extension (normally a zip-file) from that directoy too.



Written by fmtechteam

19/02/2008 at 20:28

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